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Chrissy Teigen Just Landed Her First Vogue Cover (Forum Buzz)

We guessed it was only a matter of time before Chrissy Teigen snagged the cover of a mainstream fashion title and Vogue Thailand proudly bags the American-born beauty first. Thai Vogue has been doing quite fine for itself lately according to our forums, having received healthy reviews for its Miranda Kerr cover last month. Continuing its wave of success into January 2016, Chrissy took to the shores of Malibu for the shoot wearing a casual Chanel outfit while posing before the lens of Yu Tsai.

Members of our forums were surprisingly fond of the outcome — at first. “I love her and she looks lovely,” announced gazebo the moment the cover struck.

“Well congrats to her on her first Vogue cover, she looks nice on it,” congratulated TeeVanity.

In the same frame of mind was TaylorBinque: “She is half Thai and actually very popular among the Vogue readers in Thailand. So I guess it’s quite a natural choice to put her on a cover some time. I like it though. She looks really good and this is one of their better covers.”

“So this doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would, but WHAT is she doing on a Vogue cover?” questioned marsnoop2 as opinions began to change.

“I think she’s half Thai, so… I guess it makes sense. Maybe that lip syncing show she co-hosts is going to be aired in Thailand, gotta promote that!!” mocked blueorchid in response.

Benn98 wasn’t exactly jumping for joy over the cover, either, sharing, “I knew she’d eventually book a Vogue Thailand cover. Not mad about the styling, but this is the best she’s ever looked.”

Are you a fan of Chrissy’s first Vogue cover? Share your own sentiments with us here.