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Kylie Jenner Looks Fresh-Faced on the Cover of ELLE UK — and We Like It (Forum Buzz)

She already almost broke the Internet by appearing on ELLE Canada’s cover and now Kylie Jenner dominates British ELLE‘s brand new offering, which was splashed across Instagram over the holidays. In a move that should surprise no one, the younger Jenner sister goes solo on the title’s February 2016 cover and is joined by Lucky Blue Smith for a series of studio portraits. Photographed by Jan Welters, the selfie-mad 18-year-old appears to go au naturel wearing Christian Dior and our forums were actually impressed by the outcome.

UK Elle February 2016 : Kylie Jenner by Jan Welters


“Not bad, I liked the stripped down raw look. Honestly she’s quite beautiful when she doesn’t insist on doing her makeup like a drag queen. And she is MUCH better at emoting through her eyes than Kendall,” praised marsnoop2, getting us off to a healthy start.

“She looks very fresh-faced and pretty! Good for her!” added an equally impressed russianelf.

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Also pleasantly surprised was Oxymore: “Never thought I would say that but that’s a really good cover. When she puts all that makeup off, she looks way better.”

JesseDillon agreed, confessing, “I expected to hate this, and I admit I rolled my eyes even seeing her name, but this is quite lovely. As I said about her small feature in U.S. Vogue recently she looks SO much better when she is styled to look her age instead of like some mini-Kim.”

But not everyone’s tastes were catered to. “This is embarrassing; how is she getting so many covers?” voiced Yohji.

“I have a sick feeling that 2016 will be yet another year we’re bombarded with Kardashian/Jenner covers everywhere. UGH,” slammed a disapproving Handbag Queen.

“When will it end with this family?!??!” asked happycanadian.

Check out some previews and see Lucky Blue’s cover inside our thread here.