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Lily-Rose Depp Plays the Sad Clown on LOVE Magazine’s Latest Cover (Forum Buzz)

She’s one of the coolest new kids on the block, having already done a campaign for Chanel and walked in the brand’s haute couture show back in July (not to mention being the daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis). Therefore, it was only natural for LOVE to pick up Lily-Rose Depp as its latest cover star. The 16-year-old shines bright thanks to some garish makeup on the newly released preview for the title’s upcoming Spring/Summer 2016 edition. Shot by photographer Willy Vanderperre, the image leaves us a little lost for words.

Members of our forums were far from overjoyed with the result. “Dead eyes. Zero life,” slammed Frenchkiki immediately, setting the tone for comments to come.

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“This is so creepy, she looks like a baby girl in those pageants… dead eyes and all. A JonBenét Ramsey look-alike or something,” added an equally horrified kokobombon.

Also disapproving of the cover was Benn98, exclaiming, “I wish LOVE would stop with this horrible juvenile layout. It always ruins everything. Glad for Lily, but the shot looks bad! Way too zoomed in.”

Xone was in agreement, questioning, “What happened to this mag? It used to be amazing. I stopped buying this a long time ago.”

“No. No. No. Awful makeup. What were they thinking? I’m not buying it,” laughed narcyza in a state of shock.

TeeVanity expressed the same sentiments, adding, “Very young and animated. I just can’t understand why they can’t wait until she reaches 18 to have her as the face of anything particular.”

“She can’t model. Katie Grand has to be stopped before she does us more harm,” announced anlabe32.

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