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Where’s the Fashion on Jessica Alba’s First-Ever Vogue Cover? (Forum Buzz)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you know that Vogue Australia has been killing it with its covers as of late. We welcomed Gemma Ward with open arms last month and now Aussie Vogue surprises us in the best way possible by tapping Jessica Alba (her first ever Vogue cover, BTW) for its February edition. Shot by legendary photographer Patrick Demarchelier, the actress turned entrepreneur stuns in an effortless and simple Calvin Klein dress styled by Natasha Royt.

Vogue Australia February 2016 : Jessica Alba by Patrick Demarchelier


The cover left our forums divided. “Saw the title, and came in ready to complain, but wow this is stunning! Less really is more sometimes,” admitted JesseDillon, pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

“I was ready to shred it to pieces but…wow this is gorgeous,” agreed MON.

Echoing the same sentiments was RanThe: “I don’t even like Jessica Alba, nor do I find her interesting, but this shot is gorgeous. She really is a pretty woman.”

HeatherAnne certainly wasn’t feeling it and unafraid to declare: “Boring as sh*t, expect more from Vogue Australia.”

Also expecting a little more was marsnoop2, chiming in, “She is beautiful, but this image is a little boring isn’t it? Where’s the fashion? To me this isn’t up to par with the rest of their covers from the last two years.”

A.D.C. felt the same way, writing, “It’s beautiful but it’s lacking a little in the fashion department. It would be a fantastic Marie Claire or Glamour cover. Also, I think Vogue Australia is starting to overdo it with the celebs.”

“This is dull to me, it looks like something Vogue U.K. would do. I’m also not at all interested in what she has to say,” added an uninterested KateTheGreatest.

Are you a fan of Jessica’s first Vogue cover? Drop us a comment and see a preview here.