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Marie Claire Overstyles Chloë Grace Moretz for Its Messy February Cover (Forum Buzz)

Our forums have made no attempt to hide the fact that Marie Claire has become very hit and miss of late, after failing to deliver the goods with three different covers last month. Now with the unveiling of its February 2016 offering, the title unfortunately continues its descent into mediocrity. Chloë Grace Moretz stars on the cover shot by Tesh, striking an unflattering pose while wearing a rather unforgiving and hideous Gucci outfit.

US Marie Claire February 2016 : Chloë Grace Moretz by Tesh


The cover did not go unnoticed by our feisty forum members. “The styling just overwhelms the whole cover IMO,” complained kokobombon within seconds of the cover coming to light.

“Everything looks wrong. I can’t,” added MON in a state of shock.

Also horrified at Marie Claire‘s offering this month was 8eight, discrediting, “Bad styling, bad art direction, bad fonts, bad design, bad colours. Awful.”

ChicSaks also wasn’t feeling it and simply stated: “Awful styling and embarrassing pose.”

In the same frame of mind was justaguy, who exclaimed, “Holy smokes, the styling is the cover! And the positioning of Chloë is awful, makes her head compete with the styling.”

“Her head looks so big when compared to her body on this cover,” chimed in an appalled burbuja8910

In addition, forum member A.D.C. agreed: “She has a head the size of an alien.”

“Terrible cover. She looks ugly and cross-eyed,” mocked Morphe.

Oh, dear! Are you in agreement over how terrible Chloë’s latest cover is? Voice your own opinion with us here.