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Demi Lovato’s Tattoos Ruin a Perfectly Good Cover of Allure (Forum Buzz)

We’re forever complaining about various magazines serving up the same old recycled cover stars. Thankfully this month, Allure brings us someone who has never fronted a major mainstream fashion title before. Joining the likes of Emma Roberts, Blake Lively and Kate Hudson, Demi Lovato is added to Allure‘s list of cover girls. Photographed by Alexi Lubomirski, the American singer looks radiant (at least from the neck up).

Allure February 2016 : Demi Lovato by Alexi Lubomirski


One element in particular caught the attention of our unhappy forum members. “I wish she would have put her hand down because it’s really distracting. If this is the clean issue, then I want to see a beautiful face with little to no makeup, not a bunch of tattoos,” KateTheGreatest ranted immediately.

“Most tattoos have an interesting story, a personal meaning, but in terms of the simple aesthetics of a cover shot, those just look unimpressive and messy. Like faces, hairstyles and fashion, if something is going to be on the front of a magazine, it had better be worth looking at,” chimed in an underwhelmed tigerrouge.

In agreement was kokobombon: “They should have left the bird tattoos and Photoshopped the rest out IMO. That type of cross always makes me think of a prison tattoo. Otherwise it seems like a nice portrait.”

Benn98 shared the exact same sentiments. “I’m sorry, but those tattoos look disgusting. They’ve actually ruined an otherwise classically beautiful shot. Love her smile here, and I’m surprised it’s such a toothy smile,” he reasoned.

Also unwilling to take a liking toward the cover was burbuja8910, exclaiming, “Zzzz… looks like a teen mag.”

“Michelle Lee is going to kill this magazine, just wait and see,” declared GivenchyHomme, hesitant of Allure‘s newly appointed editor-in-chief.

Are you a fan? Check out the content of Allure‘s February issue and join the debate here.