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ELLE UK Taps a Smizing Karlie Kloss for the Cover of the March Spring Fashion Issue (Forum Buzz)

Considering that models are few and far between on the covers of major fashion titles nowadays, we are grateful to U.K. ELLE this month for bestowing upon us a cover with one of the most in-demand and recognizable models. ELLE tapped Karlie Kloss to cover its blockbuster spring fashion edition, photographed by Kai Z Feng with styling from Anne-Marie Curtis, wearing Louis Vuitton.

UK Elle March 2016 : Karlie Kloss by Kai Z Feng


Members of our forums shared mixed views toward the cover, however. “I like it, it’s really striking. I bet it’s gonna stand out on the newsstands!” enthused Nepenthes at once.

“Most certainly the best cover they have done in years, for me. Everything works here, she looks great, and all that text layout doesn’t take away when you have such a strong image. Well done, I’m surprised,” contributed an amazed Miss Dalloway.

In agreement over how nice the cover turned out was Psylocke, replying, “I concur. I think this is a fantastic cover and I love everything about it.”

But not everyone was left pleasantly surprised. “Probably the profile will center around her business ventures? Stunning and striking shot. There was no need for the signature though, it’s too illegible and clashes with the jacket,” Benn98 pointed out.

“It’s OK to have some free space, ELLE! What a way to ruin the cover with the signature. But otherwise I like it, it’s catchy,” reasoned kokobombon.

“The text is illegible against such a strong image, but that somehow doesn’t matter. If only they could make such striking covers most of the time,” fired back tigerrouge.

Forum member burbuja8910 most certainly wasn’t feeling it, stating: “Bland cover. Let’s hope that the subscriber’s cover and editorial will be better.”

Await the content and add your own two cents here.