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Was This Vogue Japan Cover Starring Fernanda Ly Shot Backstage at the Louis Vuitton Show? (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Japan just seems to be going from bad to worse and 2016 is starting to look very bleak for the magazine. Now three issues in and still failing to deliver the goods, Japanese Vogue‘s March cover has once again dropped early and features Fernanda Ly. The current muse of Nicolas Ghesquière was shot wearing head-to-toe Louis Vuitton by photographer Ezra Petronio for the cover, which looks as if it was taken backstage — and our forums weren’t afraid to call the publication out.

Vogue Japan March 2016 : Fernanda Ly by Ezra Petronio


Our forums were far from impressed. “So tired of seeing Fernanda in this kind of styling. As if she’s not capable of doing something else,” stated anlabe32 the second the cover came to light.

Sharing the same sentiments was Benn98: “The actual shot does look like a Louis Vuitton outtake. She always looks the same, same expression, pink hair and styling. I’m already bored.”

“What? This looks HORRIBLE!! Cheap, insipid, outtake worthy image. You can’t give me this for March!!!” Miss Dalloway screamed in dismay.

GivenchyHomme wasn’t buying it either, declaring, “This looks like it was shot backstage and I won’t be surprised if it actually was.”

See Fernanda Ly Open the Louis Vuitton Spring 2016 Show )

In agreement over how terrible the cover looked was justaguy, replying, “Exactly what I was thinking! Just looks like they pulled her aside, snapped the shot, and called it a day.”

“It’s not the first time with the backstage styling. Freja’s cover [from December 2015] was the same LOL,” laughed Scotty.

“OMG it’s so bad. I just can’t handle to see her dressed like this anymore and it looks like those Japanese magazines for teenagers. Really disappointed by this cover,” exclaimed Oxymore.

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