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Amber Valletta’s Porter Cover Image Looks Like an Outtake (Forum Buzz)

Our forums have let it be known that they’re huge advocates of Porter. Therefore, it was only natural for members to get excited over the sight of a brand new issue to deliberate on and enjoy. Continuing to secure the best models for its covers (and making it clear that the supermodels of the 90s are officially back), Amber Valletta joins Porter‘s strong and compelling list of cover stars, shot for the magazine’s Spring 2016 edition by Collier Schorr.

Porter #13 Spring 2016 : Amber Valletta by Collier Schorr


Our forum members were left a little startled, however. “I have to say this is the first Porter cover I don’t like. How could they pick this for the cover? It looks like she blinked in between shots, outtake worthy!!! You can do SO much better with her, disappointed!” Miss Dalloway snapped.

“I’m the same, the first Porter cover I do not like at all. It looks like it’s an outtake between potentially good shots,” agreed honeycombchild.

“I’m tired of seeing this tired look. Amber is capable of producing stunning covers, couldn’t they do something they are usually doing?” questioned an underwhelmed Srdjan.

KissMiss wasn’t buying it, either, adding, “I love Amber but I find her to be a strange choice. In the U.K. she is virtually unknown in order to be landing such a big cover… Moreover, she is a great model and I am sure they could have done something more interesting… I find it strange that she lands the cover and Cindy Crawford just gets a feature.”

Also disapproving of Porter‘s choice was MON, who quickly announced, “This could not be the best shot.”

Are you a fan? Await Amber’s cover story and in the meantime, add your own opinion here.