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Anna Ewers Looks Stunning (As Usual) on the Cover of Vogue Germany (Forum Buzz)

She’s one of the hottest and most in-demand models working in the fashion industry today. Period. As the face of both Balenciaga and Hugo Boss this season, Anna Ewers graces the March cover of her native Vogue Germany. With last year’s fabulous five covers still fresh in our minds, the German bombshell looks fantastic before the lens of Patrick Demarchelier. In the stunning portrait shot, Anna wears a dramatic red outfit and with a bit of wind in her hair, we’re sold once again.

Vogue Germany March 2016 : Anna Ewers by Patrick Demarchelier


Members of our forums were in awe…at first. “Stunning cover, looks like a vintage cover of a magazine, like Vogue from the 80s,” applauded burbuja8910.

“Good cover. At first I was thinking how five covers last March were enough, but I don’t mind this one either,” confessed Srdjan.

“Gorgeous, love the hair in her face. Not even all that text bothers me,” Miss Dalloway shared, just as we started to acknowledge the text overload.

In agreement was anlabe32: “She looks great but the text is too big. If it was smaller then people wouldn’t be complaining that there is too much text either.”

Creative shared the same attitude toward the text, adding, “She looks gorgeous. Beautiful portrait of her. Hate the styling, the layout (they went wild!) and the grey background.”

In the same frame of mind was MON, echoing, “She looks gorgeous. Anna Ewers is stunning. However, that layout…”

“The picture is beautiful. It would’ve made for a great cover were it not for that text. What an eyesore,” declared MyNameIs.

“I’m not a fan of Anna’s and I’m currently in overload with all of the covers, etc. that she’s been getting. I guess I don’t find her look very unique at all. She resembles so many of the other blonde models,” critiqued Handbag Queen.

Check out Anna’s cover story and share your own opinion here.