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Selena Gomez Stars on W Magazine’s ‘Creepy’ and ‘Disturbing’ March Cover (Forum Buzz)

Cast your mind back to the same time last year when Selena Gomez went topless on V Magazine‘s uncomfortable Spring 2015 cover. Now, the American singer and former flame of Justin Bieber embarrasses once again on the cover of W‘s March 2016 issue. While we appreciate someone who’s slightly out of the ordinary, Selena’s beach cover shoot with photographer Steven Klein comes across as distasteful and horrific.

W March 2016 : Selena Gomez by Steven Klein


You’d best believe our feisty forum members were not buying it. “I feel uncomfortable when looking at this cover…” pointed out Avogadro immediately.

“She looks so child-like and it makes me uncomfortable,” Nepenthes added.

Also unimpressed was kokobombon: “This is just so horrible IMO. The filter, the styling, the cover subject.”

MON continued to echo the same attitude, confessing, “Might as well get a Selena Gomez drag impersonator. And that filter with that contrast and saturation. Nope. No. But my goodness I want to like the cover but it’s so uncomfortable.”

“LOL this is soooo bad. The editorial is a mess and she doesn’t even look like herself on the cover. PASS,” declared mistress_f.

“Will her team stop pushing this overtly sexy Selena in our faces please? We know she is sexy and beautiful, it doesn’t need to be this much. The way this is done lacks class and the outcome is creepy,” exclaimed a horrified dodencebt.

Sharing the same sentiments was thatsfierce: “Oh my… this is truly awful, probably one of the worst covers I have ever seen. Klein needs to control the Photoshop, this is TOO MUCH.”

“This is just horrendous. The cover in particular is one of the most unflattering things I’ve ever seen. She’s quite a cute girl…what on earth did they do with her face?” questioned Steddycam91, also noticing hints of Photoshop.

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