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There’s Something Off About Drew Barrymore’s Harper’s Bazaar Cover (Forum Buzz)

We’re forever calling out Harper’s Bazaar for serving up cover after cover with the same old formula. But we need to give credit where it’s due and this month, Bazaar thankfully switches up its roster of cover photographers by tapping Jean-Paul Goude to capture the magazine’s March 2016 cover subject. Drew Barrymore is the publication’s latest conquest, shot by the legendary French photographer for a series of unconventional fashion photos. On the newsstand cover (pictured below), the actress wears an eye-catching white gown — but that’s not exactly what caught our attention.

US Harper's Bazaar March 2016 : Drew Barrymore by Jean-Paul Goude


Members of our forums could not hold their tongues for long. “She’s been sporting these thicker eyebrows lately and I’m not sure they’re flattering to her,” acknowledged t-rex straight away.

“There is indeed something off with her face, those eyebrows are not working,” laughed Nymphaea.

“There’s something strange going on around her eyebrow/eye area,” pointed out Cosmic Voices.

Also not feeling Bazaar‘s direction was narcyza, discrediting, “She looks like somebody else. And I’m not sure about the styling here. I prefer her as a rock girl.”

Luxx shared the same underwhelming sentiments: “I just hope the inside shoot is Goude doing his typical madcap and wild magic. This cover just doesn’t seem like his work and his style is usually so distinctive.”

“Very artificial looking,” slammed a disapproving 1913 with MyNameIs soon agreeing, “Her face looks really off. Like a wax figure.”

“Couldn’t even recognise her on the cover,” stated a horrified fiqary.

For A.D.C., the cover was just too much to handle. “Drew… Reese… Nicole… Cate… Gwyneth… Year after year after godd*mn year. I can’t take it anymore!” he declared.

Oh, dear. See some previews of Drew’s cover story and drop us a comment here.