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Gigi Hadid Goes Naked on Vogue Paris’ Stunning Cover for March 2016 (Forum Buzz)

It was only a matter of time before Gigi Hadid scored the cover of Vogue Paris. After all, the blond all-American beauty has already secured covers with the Australian, Brazilian, Spanish, Dutch and Italian editions and most recently fronted British Vogue‘s January issue (quite the accomplishment considering her Vogue debut was in 2015). Our forums received a tidbit last month regarding a potential Gigi French Vogue cover and our suspicions became reality earlier today. Photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, the Maybelline ambassador and current face of Stuart Weitzman stars on two separate covers for March 2016 and wears nothing but a pair of Chanel mules on cover one (pictured below).

Vogue Paris March 2016 : Gigi Hadid by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott


The covers surely caught the attention of our forum members. “These are STUNNING!! Stunning. Never thought Gigi would be perfect for French Vogue,” confessed a pleasantly surprised MON.

“Oh my, these are fabulous!” admitted russianelf.

LastNight couldn’t wait to announce, “I love these! Gigi is on fire, she looks fantastic. This really feels like Vogue Paris, this is what I expect from them.”

“The cover with Gigi nude has the essence of Vogue Paris!!” echoed dina19.

Also equally amazed was Miss Dalloway, expressing, “Whoa, she is giving me a supermodel level of hotness on these covers! No wonder they went for two!! Love it, and I don’t follow her career at all, but she really is a great cover girl!”

Greenway shared the same sentiments: “Absolutely gorgeous covers, the best from Vogue Paris in a long time. It’s a shame because people are so fixed on hating Gigi and how she’s ‘undeserving’ of the cover that they will try and slam something that is perfectly good.”

And as predicted, not everyone was buying into it. “Oh, Vogue Paris, I just started to like you again and then you do this. Massive eye roll,” stated gossiping.

“The styling and the whole composition of the B&W picture is terrible. Too many little things everywhere. The earrings, the hair on the face, the bracelet, the shoes, the boxes, the headlines all over the cover… So cheap!” Creative furiously disapproved.

Vogue Paris March 2016 : Gigi Hadid by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott


Which cover do you prefer? Come join our discussion and check out a preview here.