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Shailene Woodley Covers InStyle’s Newly Revamped March Issue (Forum Buzz)

Given the fact that InStyle subtly rejigged its masthead back in November 2014, we should have known a full-blown redesign of the magazine was coming this spring, complete with an entirely different layout and a host of new fonts. For InStyle‘s March 2016 Super Fashion Issue boasting 490 pages, Shailene Woodley graces the title’s front cover, shot by Thomas Whiteside. Styled by Melissa Rubini, the Divergent actress wears an intriguing dress from Delpozo as she entices us to grab a copy when the mag hits newsstands on February 12.

US Instyle March 2016 : Shailene Woodley by Thomas Whiteside


Unfortunately, InStyle‘s overhaul did not go down too well with our forums. “What in the world is going on with U.S. InStyle?? Awful March cover. Shailene’s cover a couple of years back was much nicer than this. I am really not liking the background colors they’re using…the white worked much better for them,” disapproved Handbag Queen.

“Wow that Shailene cover is awful. She looks sweaty and uncomfortable!” exclaimed an unimpressed SallyAlbright.

In agreement over how horrendous it all turned out was liaa, who simply stated: “Awful cover!”

HeatherAnne wasn’t much of a fan either, sharing, “I don’t know why InStyle changed their formula, they used to take the best celebrity shots of anyone. Shailene’s 2014 cover wasn’t very good, but the editorial (where she was wearing lots of Chloe/Stella McCartney) was the best shots she’s ever taken in her life. New cover layout is generic as well, they used to have one of the more recognizable newsstand formats.”

But not everyone was so disappointed. “I like the styling better on her 2014 cover, but she looks so much more herself and not Photoshopped into oblivion on her 2016 cover. I think it’s an improvement,” applauded KINGofVERSAILLES.

“Love the actual shot! She looks so beautiful here and the styling really suits her,” Benn98 admired.

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