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Adele’s Long-Awaited Second US Vogue Cover Has Landed! (Forum Buzz)

Our forums have been up in arms regarding Vogue‘s March 2016 edition, typically known to us as its annual power issue. Names like Lady Gaga and Adele were thrown around after numerous unconfirmed reports and it is indeed Adele who has made the cover of Vogue‘s latest. She’s certainly no stranger to the front cover of a magazine, having already got an American Vogue cover under her belt along with a British Vogue appearance. The British singer and songwriter looks sensational wearing a custom Burberry dress selected by Tonne Goodman in the stunning close-up image, photographed by Annie Leibovitz.

US Vogue March 2016 : Adele by Annie Leibovitz


It didn’t take long for our forum members to weigh in. “As much as I was wishing for the Gaga rumour to be true, I love this. The colours are beautiful and Adele is such a star,” shared LastNight, hitting us off on a positive note.

“Gorgeous shot of Adele. Love the styling (beautiful colors) and the setting. My favorite thing is how this looks very different from anything I’ve seen of hers in the past,” justaguy admired.

But everyone else was left appalled. “Good Housekeeping is looking great this month!” mocked SanderGreen, suggesting the shot wasn’t worthy of Vogue.

Marc10 most definitely wasn’t buying it, stating, “My god… the lack of any creativity from this magazine is almost offensive. ‘Adele is a British singer-songwriter… so… let’s put her in an old Victorian house, composing in front of a piano!!!’ Plus Leibovitz’s awful photography doesn’t make it any better. Such a waste of a beautiful, talented and interesting woman.”

Echoing the same opinion was Creative: “She looks super ugly! And the picture looks like a SELFIE. Annie Leibovitz is just the worst photographer ever!”

“Why keep putting singers and actresses on the cover? Please stop it now,” demanded madzedre.

“It’s typical U.S. Vogue, I wasn’t even expecting much. Anna [Wintour] never takes risks and neither does Adele who always looks the same. Maybe the other content will be better,” shared an optimistic KateTheGreatest.

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