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Gigi Hadid Embodies Carine Roitfeld’s ‘Americana’ on CR Fashion Book’s New Cover (Forum Buzz)

CR Fashion Book has been teasing us for weeks via social media about its upcoming Americana edition. Carine Roitfeld‘s namesake fashion bible is never short of a few headlines with the likes of Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga serving as past cover subjects, so expectations were high. The magazine has finally unveiled its eighth edition featuring four different cover stars: Gigi Hadid, Staz Lindes, Kayla Scott and Bentley Mescall, each embodying Roitfeld’s interpretation of true American beauty.

CR Fashion Book #8 : Made In America


Roitfeld’s choices left our forum members with a few questions, however. “I expected something better with MAJOR American supermodels aka Cindy Crawford, Christie Brinkley & Christy Turlington,” declared a disapproving DutchHomme.

“Who still buys this magazine? It’s like LOVE but depressingly irrelevant and even more obnoxious,” stated an equally unimpressed Marc10.

Soon after, discussion started to look up. “I like them all, very interesting covers. My favorite is Kayla’s [below], so strong and athletic,” approved kokobombon.

“Kayla’s cover is a real standout here. Maybe I don’t know enough about these models, but I don’t think ‘Made in America’ when I look at any of these covers. A consumer shouldn’t have to think too hard to make the connection,” voiced justaguy.

Forum member thatsfierce shared the same sentiments, writing, “Nice to see Kayla, that’s a great shot…”

“Kayla looks amazing, best one out of the four. A real standout behind Staz. All four on their own though are nice either way,” WeberFanatic reasoned.

Also willing to show appreciation was Benn98: “None of these covers does it for me. Gigi’s, which will probably sell better than the others, is an ok shot, but her chin is tilted too high. Nevertheless, Carine is still doing a better job than many, bearing in mind she’s forced to work with a lesser-known team. I’m slowly beginning to warm to her reconstructed view of redundant themes.”

CR Fashion Book #8 : Made In America


Are you a fan of any of the covers? Check out some previews and add your own two cents here.