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Vogue Korea and Lara Stone Take a Risk With an Unconventional Cover for March (Forum Buzz)

The Korean fashion monthlies are certainly bringing out the big guns for March with W Korea tapping none other than Kendall Jenner and now Lara Stone is fronting Vogue Korea. As usual, the magazine wasn’t afraid to think outside the box, opting to give us an unconventional cover image this month with Lara pictured on her knees in Louis Vuitton as she poses in what we assume is a makeshift living room. Photographed by Emma Tempest with Ye Young Kim on styling duties, our forum members couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

Vogue Korea March 2016 : Lara Stone by Emma Tempest


“Oh this is stunning! I love how Vogue Korea always uses the unconventional cover shots and somehow make it work. I like this. And the layout is pretty good too!” admitted MON the moment the cover surfaced.

“Very different and very good!” noted DutchHomme, sharing the same positive attitude.

News soon came to light that the magazine underwent some staff changes. “As the editor-in-chief of this mag has been replaced since last month, I can see some difference. I couldn’t stand the previous covers that were amateurish, stale and pointless. I like this cover. Feels fresh and cosy,” Kanna revealed, pleasantly surprised.

Forum member justaguy was all for the change, too, welcoming, “Good to know the new EIC is making some great changes to the magazine. Hopefully what we’ve been seeing recently is just the beginning of what he plans on building from in future issues.”

“The cover is stunning!” declared anonid with kewkaw using the word “perfect” to describe Lara’s new Vogue cover.

In the same frame of mind was simon: “I like this! It might not come across as the ‘usual Vogue,’ but it has an early 2000 magazine cover touch, which I like. I applaud Vogue Korea for trying something different.”

Take a peek at Lara’s cover story and share your praise for Vogue Korea’s bold direction here.