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Why Can’t Vogue Shoot a Good Cover With Model Edie Campbell? (Forum Buzz)

We are sooo over the March issues already after a string of less than impressive covers — and things aren’t looking any better for April. Celebrating its landmark 200th edition, Vogue Japan taps Edie Campbell, one of fashion’s most in-demand models. The current face of Roberto Cavalli is no stranger to the cover of Vogue lately, having recently fronted both French and British Vogue. This time around, Edie was shot by photographic duo Luigi & Iango with stylist Anna Dello Russo selecting a rather unattractive outfit from Dolce & Gabbana.

Vogue Japan April 2016 : Edie Campbell by Luigi & Iango


The cover didn’t leave our forum members in a celebratory mood, though. “Good God, what is she wearing?? It’s hideous. Not a fan of this cover. Nothing works, not the pose, styling, nor photography,” expressed a disapproving Benn98.

“Those tassels! That outfit is too ugly to be true and Edie can’t help it,” Nymphaea mocked.

“There has to be a better shot than this. There has to be. My goodness what an awkward pose. My body started to hurt just looking at it,” MON chimed in.

You’d best believe Creative wasn’t having it, slamming, “This girl is everywhere, my gaaawwwd. I really can’t stand her, she brings nothing to her pictures. At least she doesn’t look as ugly as most of the time. But this cover looks completely ‘dead.'”

“Awful. Why do we see Edie on a Vogue cover again? I’m starting to be sick of her,” echoed narcyza.

“Holy smokes this is bad! The styling is atrocious and as much as I like Edie, she’s doing nothing for this cover,” ranted justaguy.

“No to everything,” simply proclaimed Cosmic Voices.

See Edie’s accompanying cover story and join the lame celebrations here.