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Rihanna Slays on UK Vogue’s April 2016 Cover, Announces New Collaboration With Manolo Blahnik (Forum Buzz)

British Vogue failed to impress across the board with its Edie Campbell cover last month, but now the mag appeals to the masses with its April 2016 offering, tapping none other than Rihanna. The Barbadian songstress-turned-fashion designer returns for her second U.K. Vogue cover appearance, posing before the lens of Craig McDean as she announces her latest collaboration with Manolo Blahnik. Rihanna serves up some cowgirl realness on the cover wearing a jacket from Christian Dior complete with a bejeweled cowboy hat for added effect.

UK Vogue April 2016 : Rihanna by Craig McDean


Due to the evident theme on the cover, the styling was sure to be a hit or miss with our opinionated forums. “They have Rihanna and that’s the best they could do? MEH,” disapproved Creative straight away.

“The cowgirl gimmick… Miss Fame? I am not sure about this cover. She has more attitude than that. She can give more than that. And the eyeliner bothers me,” added a frustrated MON.

Also not feeling it was Srdjan, ranting, “What an awful cover! While the outfit is extremely gross, I hate how the text makes completely no sense – it’s all over the image, not complementing it. I’d even choose Jourdan’s ELLE cover over this mess.”

Although shortly after, the cover became a huge success with the rest of us. “QUEEN! The only celebrity worth seeing on Vogue! Must have,” declared an elated SpeakThatJDunn.

Miss Dalloway shared the same positive attitude, echoing, “What a great cover! My favorite Vogue cover she has done, and I love how unpredictable the angle is, especially for a safe Vogue edition like the U.K.!”

In the same frame of mind was honeycombchild: “Definitely one of British Vogue‘s better covers of late. I mostly just appreciate that they actually appeared to have tried to do something.”

“This cover gives me old supermodel vibes and I like the styling a lot,” DutchHomme approved.

“Rihanna photographs so beautifully! Love this!” praised Nepenthes in agreement.

UK Vogue April 2016 : Rihanna by Craig McDean


Dare to disagree? Await more from the issue and join the debate over Rihanna’s latest cover here.