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Natalie Portman Looks Exquisite on the Cover of Harper’s Bazaar Australia — But It Looks Awfully Familiar (Forum Buzz)

Our forums are huge advocates for everything Harper’s Bazaar Australia produces, falling head over heels for each and every cover. But with the unveiling of Bazaar‘s latest, our forums aren’t exactly jumping for joy (as much as we usually do). After a striking cover for March with Lily Collins, Aussie Bazaar goes after another actress for April 2016, tapping Natalie Portman. Photographed by Alique, Natalie looks terrific in the close-up cover photo — but it looks all too familiar.

Harper's Bazaar Australia April 2016 : Natalie Portman by Alique


Leave it to our savvy forum members to pick up on the smallest of details. “I don’t feel anything from that cover, and where have they seen cover models not looking at the readers? This shot looks like a backstage shot, like the photographer was talking to her and she was like ‘What?’ And the styling and hair are very poor. Not good. They are usually good at producing covers, this is just not one of them,” Bertrando3 criticized straight away.

“This one is actually a Dior [campaign] outtake so, I guess that’s why. Not a good choice for a cover,” responded edenL.

Also not exactly feeling it was djowodjo30, pointing out, “What is going on with that thumb on the lips pose trend? Is that a new thing?”

MON was quick to state, “Feels like ELLE Germany.”

But not everyone felt so disappointed. “I actually like this a lot. Her face is just so exquisite,” admired GreyVetiver.

“It’s a beautiful picture. Great to see her,” echoed narcyza.

“I actually kind of like this. Then again I’m so bored with most covers now that anything different appeals, and I like that she’s not looking at the camera, trying to seduce the viewer into buying the magazine,” appreciated DelicateFlower.

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