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Cindy Crawford and Daughter Kaia Gerber Pose Together on Vogue Paris’ April 2016 Cover (Forum Buzz)

Now that we’re almost done with our copies of Vogue Paris featuring Gigi Hadid on the front, the magazine releases its April 2016 issue as prompt as ever. Prior to French Vogue unveiling its latest, our forums took part in a discussion questioning just who would surface on the cover after a tidbit was posted in our Cover Rumor Thread. Much to our delight, earlier today our guesses became a reality as Cindy Crawford and daughter Kaia Gerber star on the cover together. Photographed by Mario Testino, the doppelgänger duo poses in matching leather jackets selected by Emmanuelle Alt as they each flash a warm, friendly and inviting smile, leaving us oohing and aahing over the beautiful and heartwarming new cover.

Vogue Paris April 2016 : Cindy Crawford & Kaia Gerber by Mario Testino


Unfortunately, members of our forums were left divided by the cover. “What a gorgeous shot of the two, I love everything about this!” admired Miss Dalloway.

Also full of enthusiasm was Benn98: “Tapping into new faces! It’s a beautiful shot, no doubt, and I love the mini-me vibe. The hoops were a clever throwback to Cindy’s heyday.”

Nepenthes shared the same positive attitude: “They both look so gorgeous! This needs to be framed and hung on a wall in Cindy’s house. What a beautiful photograph!”

Not everyone was so appreciative, however. “Beautiful… I wish they would’ve done something more interesting but I think it works because they are so gorgeous…” confessed KissMiss.

“Nice pic, nice smiles but very safe and therefore boring. It’s more like a great candid pic. Fast forward to the next cover for me,” stated an unimpressed Nymphaea.

“They both look so gorgeous, there is no denying that. But to me it doesn’t look like Vogue Paris, it is a very safe cover,” agreed KateTheGreatest.

Await more photos from Testino’s cover shoot and in the meantime, share your own opinion here.