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Kerry Washington’s Second Cover for ELLE Features Some Very Questionable Styling (Forum Buzz)

American ELLE‘s last edition ushered in a redesign and the magazine continues to exercise its revamped look with its April cover. Returning for the second time, actress Kerry Washington takes to the front of ELLE‘s latest. Our forums have been pretty hard on the Scandal star in the past, who has unfortunately appeared on some disastrous magazine covers*cough*. This time around, Kerry stood before the lens of ELLE favorite Dan Martensen and took things to the beach wearing a gray sweatshirt teamed with some (no doubt, very expensive) jewelry.

US Elle April 2016 : Kerry Washington by Dan Martenson


But ELLE‘s new cover fell completely flat for our forum members. “It really blows my mind how they rarely do her stunning face justice! What kind of angle is that?!! I have seen her look better in paparazzi snaps!” expressed a horrified Miss Dalloway.

“Super sloppy and pedestrian. WTF were they thinking when shooting this cover?” questioned fluxxx right after.

In agreement was justaguy, pointing out, “What a shame, Kerry’s so beautiful and classy, but not feeling this cover at all.”

Forum member nataliaapple felt the same way, echoing, “The best she’s looked in print was for Net-a-Porter’s The Edit. This looks like she rolled out of bed and forgot to fix her wig and slept in her makeup. If I want to see photos like this I’ll pick up Us Weekly… This is completely unacceptable.”

“Terrible styling on the cover! This [Robbie] Myers woman has no sense of fashion. And it’s beginning to become clear that Kerry simply isn’t cut out for print,” shared an underwhelmed Benn98.

“OMG. It’s terrible! The worst cover of Kerry ever. What a pity!” exclaimed narcyza.

KINGofVERSAILLES simply declared the cover an “abomination.”

Ouch! See more of Kerry’s cover shoot and add your own two cents here.