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Naomi Watts Is Photoshopped Into Oblivion on This Cover of The Edit (Forum Buzz)

Just as our forums declared Allure‘s wonderfully natural and unretouched April 2016 cover with Amy Adams a success in hopes that other publications would follow suit, The Edit releases a truly horrifying cover featuring an overly airbrushed Naomi Watts. On the cover lensed by Laurie Bartley, the barely recognizable Aussie actress reclines in a satin Saint Laurent dress. Our forums were left a little startled over the outcome of Naomi’s latest shoot since we’ve been huge advocates of everything Net-a-Porter’s digital magazine produces.

The Edit March 17, 2016 : Noami Watts by Laurie Bartley


But our forum members weren’t afraid to let loose this time. “I am fighting my urge to write in caps – the Photoshop in the first photo is an abomination. She should sue them for it. They literally made her look like a Lana Del Rey/pig hybrid,” complained a horrified dodencebt.

“They made her look 17 years old,” added a stunned DutchHomme.

Also in a state of shock was t-rex, chiming in, “Wow they really Photoshopped the hell out of her, and that first photo is truly a horror! I was under the impression The Edit was minimal with their age retouching, let alone giving people pig noses.”

“OMG! Why? The use of Photoshop here is just offensive!!!” declared KissMiss in distress.

Benn98 wasn’t showing much appreciation, writing, “It seems Vogue Australia is just about the only magazine who can truly capture Naomi’s beauty. I like the concept behind these shots, it looks similar to Diane Kruger’s edit, but the Photoshop ruined it.”

“I don’t like that both Diane & Naomi’s eds look so similar. Two white blonde women in similar styling and poses two weeks in a row?” questioned a frustrated kokobombon.

The Edit March 17, 2016 : Noami Watts by Laurie Bartley


Ouch! Better luck next week. Share your own dismay and see the other photos of Naomi here.