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Drew Barrymore Lands a Pretty but ‘Safe’ Cover of Marie Claire (Forum Buzz)

Marie Claire is steadily getting back to full form, successfully managing to impress with last month’s issue featuring Dakota Johnson — a total upgrade from Chloë Grace Moretz‘s overly styled cover back in February. Now moving swiftly on to its April installment, the American title lands Drew Barrymore fresh off the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. But to our delight, Marie Claire did a far superior job as Drew is photographed by David Slijper for the occasion. The American actress looks positively radiant wearing Marc Jacobs, complemented by a red lip and Drew’s hair styled into loose waves.

US Marie Claire April 2016 : Drew Barrymore by David Slijper


“It feels refreshing. Same old same old, but there’s something new to it. I really like this,” confessed a pleasantly surprised MON the moment the cover dropped.

“It’s a very safe cover image but much better than her last cover for Harper’s Bazaar,” narcyza admitted soon after.

Everyone else seemed to share a firmer judgment. “Totally sick of her,” declared jal718 with AbbeyRoad echoing, “I am sick of Drew.”

Forum member liv4beauty shared the same sentiments: “I’m tired of American female celebrities on fashion magazines. I know it’s due to sales but I could go a year w/out seeing the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Drew, Reese, Gwyneth, Kate Hudson, etc.”

“Βetter than unknown, barely legal teens whose images should come with a trigger warning,” fired back Morphe in response.

“Or take a chance on newer or upcoming actresses like Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Margot Robbie, Saoirse Ronan, Gina Rodriguez or Tessa Thompson. Just a thought,” suggested liv4beauty.

In agreement was [Piece Of Me]: “Yes to all of this! I really, really want to see Gugu or Tessa on a major cover. Saoirse as well, although she already gets some print work in the likes of Interview and W. Talking about this cover, it’s alright I guess. Nothing really special. And I actually like Drew a bit, prefer her compared to all the other usuals (Jennifer, Kate, Cameron, Gwyneth etc.).”

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