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Karlie Kloss Gives Us ‘Serious Supermodel Vibes’ on ELLE Brazil (Forum Buzz)

After a string of multiple Vogue covers already under her belt, Karlie Kloss now sets her sights on dominating as many ELLE covers as possible (or at least that’s how it appears). The statuesque beauty recently fronted the British edition and now Karlie poses for ELLE Brazil, looking every inch the supermodel she is in a stunning close-up portrait photographed by Nicole Heiniger

Elle Brazil March 2016 : Karlie Kloss by Nicole Heiniger


Upon seeing the cover, members of our forums were left divided in their opinions. “Great cover of Karlie!” declared justaguy the moment the cover dropped, setting us off on a positive note.

“Wow. It’s a great cover. I like this minimalism. Bravo ELLE Brazil,” applauded narcyza.

Also showing great enthusiasm toward the cover was Nepenthes, raving, “Serious supermodel vibes, there’s no one like Karlie!”

But not everyone was so overjoyed with the outcome. “Looks very much ELLE… I like it but I feel I’ve seen this before. Is it a reprint?” asked a suspicious kokobombon.

“Karlie Kloss is rapidly turning into the brand ‘Karlie’ and I can already tell how all of her covers are going to look. The reason this looks like a reprint is because we’ve seen dozens of similar shots of her. Still looks great, but just lacking anything special to me,” replied marsnoop2.

“I’m never a fan of these portrait-style covers, devoid of fashion. She just looks OK here, nothing special. But I’m all for Karlie, the brand! For so long we’ve been inundated with Kate, Natasha, Gisele, month after month. I can understand why magazines would use these type of shots, how else will the average person recognise her?” agreed Benn98.

Elle Brazil March 2016 : Karlie Kloss by Nicole Heiniger


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