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Lexi Boling ‘Gives Good Face’ for Prada’s New Fragrance Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Steven Meisel sure does have his muses and when he’s into them, they’re splashed across the cover of Vogue Italia and handed lucrative Prada advertising campaigns. Therefore, our forums weren’t at all surprised that Lexi Boling has inked a fragrance contract with Prada. Replacing French actress Léa Seydoux as the face of Candy, Lexi delivers a fabulous close-up image for the Italian fashion house’s newest Candy Kiss scent.

Prada 'Candy Kiss' Fragrance : Lexi Boling by Steven Meisel


The campaign images were a home run in our forums. “The classic Lexi Boling haircut is back, I like it,” approved jnobis straight away.

“Yep. That top photo looks just like her first Vogue Italia cover. I guess Lexi is also Meisel’s #1 girl at the moment, but I don’t mind; she looks great here,” added niknak.

In the same frame of mind was anlabe32, voicing, “In love with her face. She can do great close-ups and this is the proof of it. Lovely.”

“She draws you in. Might not be the most beautiful girl out there but she has that edge. I like the contrast of such a girly perfume name and an edgier model,” confessed Elite13.

ChimyeeRong soon admitted, “I’m kind of into her.”

“She gives great face, strong and fierce. I love all her Vogue Italia covers and work with Meisel. Keep it coming!” declared a more than satisfied GivenchyHomme.

But the images weren’t to everyone’s tastes. “Oh, look! It’s Lexi AGAIN…LOL. I’m getting so bored of her. Seems like she’s the only working model in the industry ATM. Meisel needs to get over her, enough is enough,” wrote a seriously underwhelmed guimon.

Are you a fan? Take a peek at more campaign images and add your own two cents here.