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Kendall Jenner Scores an American Vogue Cover — Sort Of (Forum Buzz)

Our forums have been rife with speculation that Kendall Jenner was to front an upcoming issue of Vogue, having recently participated in a top secret shoot for a “major” American magazine. Our suspicions turned out to be false — sort of. Kendall’s big shoot turned out to be a feature for Vogue‘s Special Edition issue, which will come wrapped with the main April issue (starring Rihanna) sent out to New York and Los Angeles subscribers. Photographed by Mario Testino, the Karl Lagerfeld favorite wears Proenza Schouler on the cover (below) of the special issue, which features Kendall exclusively.

US Vogue Special Edition April 2016 : Kendall Jenner by Mario Testino


Per usual, the sight of Kendall prompted a lot of discussion on our forums. “LOL. Even America’s Next Top Model contestants pose better and more natural,” stated DutchHomme.

“Oh, hell no! I guess it was about time she got one…the outfit is really ugly though,” chimed in Scotty.

Also equally unimpressed was Marc10, discrediting, “I guess they didn’t have confidence to put her in the real cover, and hopefully it means she won’t be getting it anytime soon. Awful pictures, she really has absolutely zero presence.”

HeatherAnne wasn’t buying into it, either. “She couldn’t look any more basic and ordinary. I’m not even trying to throw shade, this is just truly pathetic,” she ranted in disgust.

“What’s the point of this?” asked a startled HodanChloe, going on to say, “Maybe she was supposed to get the June/July cover but they panicked and scrapped that. Hope this means she won’t be getting a proper cover anytime soon.”

“So they don’t put her on the cover but they make some special edition just for her? This is ridiculous. She’s such a bad model, there’s nothing there, just empty stares,” added a dumbfounded KateTheGreatest.

US Vogue Special Edition April 2016 : Kendall Jenner by Mario Testino


Eek! See more of Kendall’s cover story and add your own two cents here.