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Charlize Theron Looks Effortlessly Sexy on WSJ.’s April Cover (Forum Buzz)

If there’s one thing you can count on about us, it’s that we absolutely love a good cover of WSJ. After bestowing upon us a gleeful Christy Turlington Burns last month, WSJ. continues to impress by giving us Charlize Theron as its latest cover star. To coincide with the release of The Huntsman: Winter’s War, the actress looks truly radiant as she shows off her terrific figure and chopped blond hair. Charlize wears a range of sweaters (WSJ. staple), briefs and slinky dresses throughout the cover shoot, which was lensed by Josh Olins. On the cover (below), Charlize makes a black turtleneck by Michael Kors and a pair of briefs look effortlessly sexy and we’re so into it.

WSJ Magazine April 2016 : Charlize Theron by Josh Olins


Forum members were most definitely impressed. “They love a good sweater moment. Charlize looks fantastic,” noted Luxx straight away.

“Warm Sweater Journal,” laughed t-rex soon after.

“Love it! The contrast with the tree is very nice. Indeed a fresh cover without clutter,” approved a more than happy Nymphaea.

Also quick to voice their praise was marsnoop2, echoing, “Perfection! I love the WSJ. aesthetic so much.”

Forum member happycanadian shared the same sentiments. “GAWD I am here for this. She looks stunning and there’s just so much in her eyes here! I can’t wait to read the interview… I pretty much always love the WSJ. aesthetic,” he declared. 

“She is amazing looking, that woman is ageless and very gorgeous,” Bertrando3 complimented.

“She simply cannot take a bad picture! Love the dark summer mood here…” raved Benn98 in agreement with everyone else.

Check out a preview of Charlize’s cover shoot and share your own opinion of the cover here.