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Behati Prinsloo’s Arm Goes Missing on Vogue Thailand’s April Cover (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Thailand is slowly getting more recognition with each passing issue. The publication kicked off 2016 with a Chrissy Teigen cover, managing to impress the majority of our opinionated forum members. But with its latest offering, the magazine takes one giant step backward with a very suspect and awkward cover for April 2016. The magazine captures mother-to-be Behati Prinsloo playfully posing at the beach before the lens of Russell James. But something — like her right arm — seems to be missing.

Vogue Thailand April 2016 : Behati Prinsloo by Russell James


Vogue28 picked up on the awkward pose immediately, saying, “And where is Behati’s right arm?” While marsnoop2 simply declared, “Next!”

“Everything is too much and this colorful font. NO,” added a horrified narcyza.

In agreement over how awful Behati’s sixth Vogue cover turned out was gazebo: “It’s beneath fan-made level. It’s terrible.”

Although not everyone was so completely displeased with the results. “I like the cover but somehow it feels like it would look better as a Harper’s Bazaar cover,” suggested A.D.C.

Forum member jeffandtheworld shared the same sentiments, replying, “It is a great shot of Behati, but the styling is awful. This is too cheap for Vogue. I see it on ELLE.”

“Behati looks so good here, too bad the styling is a bit off. Although the use of colors makes this a very funny and welcoming cover,” justaguy reasoned.

“What I like about Vogue Thailand is how often they acknowledge the seasons. And their weird fascination with pin-up swimwear, LOL. This is an OK summer cover, and I don’t mind the multicoloured masthead…” confessed Benn98.

Are you a fan? The missing arm is just unforgivable, you have to admit. Await the cover story and share your opinion here.