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Beyoncé Continues Her Worldwide Domination of ELLE With the UK Edition (Forum Buzz)

As you may have already noticed by now, Beyoncé signed a global deal to be the cover girl for every single edition of ELLE worldwide, with the American version unveiling its cover featuring the singer-turned-athleisure designer earlier this week. The other editions are beginning to follow suit and U.K. ELLE‘s take on Beyoncé is the latest cover to fall under our forums’ scrutiny. Using the exact same shoot photographed by Paola Kudacki, British ELLE opted for a close-up image of Beyoncé who, of course, wears an outfit by Ivy Park once again.

UK Elle May 2016 : Beyoncé by Paola Kudacki


Our forum members couldn’t wait to see how British ELLE designed its cover. “I like the U.S. cover better. The head tilt hurts my neck, and the logo is wrong. They should’ve placed it behind her instead,” criticized MON straight away.

In the same frame of mind was justaguy: “Ugh, not diggin’ this cover at all. Too many different fonts and awkward pose. I agree, the masthead should have been behind her head. Looks odd when they drop letters to accommodate an image.”

“The logo is tripping me out. Agreed that it should’ve been placed behind her head and the other L that is missing should’ve been there. It’s weird,” agreed nataliaapple.

Scotty shared the same sentiments, replying, “I know, right? They did a lazy job just cutting that L out.”

“Awful composition, but it’s not a bad shot. I don’t remember British ELLE taking part in these international cover star trends. Did we have Angelina Jolie as well? Also, why boast about an interview with Karlie Kloss, Lucky Blue and Jourdan Dunn if we just had them mere months ago on the cover? Doesn’t make any sense,” chimed in Benn98.

Nepenthes soon shed a little light on the cover, commenting, “Not loving the layout but Beyoncé looks incredible as always!”

So, it appears ELLE editions worldwide missed its opportunity to profile the superstar. Have your own say here.