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Not Even Karlie Kloss Can Save This Hideous Outfit on Vogue Russia (Forum Buzz)

Karlie Kloss must be newsstand gold right about now, having recently starred on both the British and Brazilian editions of ELLE. She now makes a return to the front of Vogue Russia, giving us a rare full-length cover shot. Lensed by Mariano Vivanco, the statuesque beauty tries her hardest to make a rather hideous Maison Margiela Haute Couture creation work.

Vogue Russia May 2016 : Karlie Kloss by Mariano Vivanco


Poor Karlie didn’t stand a chance. “That horrendous dress ruins the whole cover…” announced burbuja8910 straight away.

“I have so many questions. Is that a high fashion parachute? What’s with the kitschy boots paired with a power blazer? Why isn’t Karlie making any eye contact?” questioned a horrified Benn98.

Also quick to show offense toward the outfit choice was MyNameIs, stating, “Whoever styled the shoot needs to be fired. What an eyesore.”

MON wasn’t much of an admirer, either, echoing, “I want to cry with that styling. My goodness.”

Discussion soon went down a different route. “I’m in the minority – but I think it’s pretty fantastic and eye-catching. Certain to stand out on a newsstand. I love the pose and Karlie’s expression. The dress/gown/thing is hideous, to be sure, but it’s at least a more compelling choice than one more Gucci cover,” reasoned happycanadian.

“Call me crazy, I love every bit of this cover!” confessed TeeVanity.

Miss Dalloway felt the same way: “Oh I love this! Kudos for going with such an unconventional cover outfit, but of course when you have a model as good as Karlie she pulls it off. Love her face here.”

Whose side are you on? See more of Karlie’s cover shoot and join the conversation here.