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Lottie Moss and Lucky Blue Smith Pose for Vogue Paris’ ‘Desperate’ May Cover (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Paris is without a doubt feeling the younger generation of fashion personalities in 2016. Gigi Hadid took her clothes off for March, Kaia Gerber with mother Cindy Crawford were selected for April, and now Kate Moss’ little sister Lottie Moss poses alongside Lucky Blue Smith for the May 2016 cover. Photographed by famed photographer Mario Testino, the up-and-coming duo look right at home cozying up on the studio floor wearing glitzy Saint Laurent outfits selected by Emmanuelle Alt.

Vogue Paris May 2016 : Lottie Moss & Lucky Blue Smith by Mario Testino


Obviously, the cover begged for immediate debate. “LOL! This is so bad! What would Alt do without this grey background… Lottie gets the cover and Raquel [Zimmermann] doesn’t? Where the hell is justice? I thought Kendall’s cover was the worst… apparently, not!” complained a furious KissMiss straight away.

“Absolutely horrible. I couldn’t think of worse ‘models’ to put on a cover. Indeed, even worse than Kendall,” added Les_Sucettes.

Also unwilling to show support was SpeakThatJDunn: “WHAT EVEN IS THIS?! This is the definition of desperate! Kate Moss’ little sister, and an average teenage male model who young girls follow on Instagram? It’s actually embarrassing. Vogue Paris is in the pits. How can you work for the magazine and think this is a good idea? Do they have no self-respect? No artistic integrity? Shameful.”

Forum member ada_looo shared the same sentiments, announcing, “This magazine is dying.”

In the same frame of mind was Creative. “Each month I think Vogue Paris can’t get worse, that doing something more out of touch is nearly impossible, but it does get worse,” he ranted.

“Words cannot describe how utterly disappointed I am right now. What a safe and lazy cover. Terrible… Who’s next, Zayn and Gigi? Justin and the Baldwin girl?” asked a horrified MON.

Stay tuned for more from Vogue Paris’ May 2016 edition and join the conversation here.