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Emilia Clarke Finally Gives Us a Good Cover With a Sultry Pose for Vogue Australia (Forum Buzz)

According to our forums, there’s a certain roster of actresses that can’t seem to shine before a photographic lens. Kerry Washington and Emilia Clarke are two of the members of this unfortunate club. Following last week’s disappointing cover of Glamour, Vogue Australia has finally managed to capture Emilia’s true beauty. To coincide with the new season premiere of Game of Thrones, the British actress posed before the lens of Emma Summerton. In the sultry cover shot, Emilia dons a chic floral playsuit with a pinstripe blazer thrown over her shoulders, complete with a vibrant red lip to enhance those captivating blue eyes.

Vogue Australia May 2016 : Emilia Clarke by Emma Summerton


After the magazine’s blockbuster edition last month, members of our forums couldn’t wait to see Aussie Vogue‘s May cover. “Finally they find a way to make her look amazing on a cover,” applauded Urban Stylin at once.

“Yes stunning, I am pleased with this,” approved TeeVanity.

“That’s about as good as it gets for her in print, nicely done,” a pleasantly surprised HeatherAnne commended shortly after.

Also amazed with the outcome was SallyAlbright: “Finally, a good cover shot of this lovely girl! Very nice.”

MON agreed, raving, “This is the best I’ve seen of her so far. The best.”

“Wow, she looks so sultry! Love all the red. It’s not only her best cover, but the best I’ve seen from Vogue Australia over the past few months,” Benn98 congratulated.

Sharing the same positive attitude was Nepenthes: “Wow Emilia looks stunning on the cover! Love it!”

Vogue Australia May 2016 : Emilia Clarke by Emma Summerton


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