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Did Carolyn Murphy Really Need This Much Photoshop on Vogue Korea? (Forum Buzz)

Magazines seem to be overdoing it a bit on the post-production this month. Jennifer Lopez barely looks like herself on the cover of W and now Vogue Korea manages to botch the ever-beautiful Carolyn Murphy. The magazine usually receives a standing ovation on our forums but when it makes one of our favorite 90s supermodels look unrecognizable, we can’t help but call them out. Photographed by Hyea W. Kang, the long-serving Estée Lauder ambassador stars on two separate covers while rendering us a little speechless.


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It didn’t take our forum members long to vent their gripes with the first cover (above). “How did they make Carolyn look like Jennifer Lopez?” asked a horrifed kenndale.

“Her face does NOT need that much airbrush, yet I am still drawn to this cover because of Carolyn. God I love her!” declared Miss Dalloway, willing to overlook the evident post-production work.

In the same frame of mind was dodencebt: “Definitely excessive Photoshop, they made her look a bit like Nicole Richie. But she’s stunning nonetheless.”

AnaD agreed, “She’s gorgeous she doesn’t need half as much airbrushing! That first cover would be so much better if they didn’t redraw her face in Photoshop. I really like the second cover, it’s way more compelling.”

The second cover (below) without a doubt took our fancy. “Both covers are gorgeous, although I’m partial to the 2nd cover,” enthused justaguy.

In agreement over how superior it turned out was Sweet rus. “The second cover is perfect, so simple, yet grabs your attention!”


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Which do you prefer? Join the conversation and await Carolyn’s cover story here.