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Even Kate Hudson Can’t Pull Off This Split-Personality Dior Dress on InStyle (Forum Buzz)

Despite some gripes a few months back, InStyle’s redesign finally seems to be growing on forum members. Continuing to push its bold new design, the magazine welcomes Kate Hudson (for the umpteenth time) to the cover of the May 2016 issue. Photographed by Greg Kadel, the actress shows off a newly cropped hairstyle and a hard-to-pull-off Christian Dior dress.

US InStyle May 2016 : Kate Hudson by Greg Kadel


“The redesign is actually starting to work and it looks classier than the preliminary stages of the redesign. The new font adds so much to the cover. That photo is stunning! The dress leaves me cold, but everything I need is with that smile,” championed MON the second the cover came to light.

“I love U.S. InStyle, it’s my favorite U.S. magazine to read to give styling inspiration and true style that works. Kate looks amazing, cannot wait to buy it,” chimed in glamrockgal, showing the magazine some more praise.

Also quick to show enthusiasm toward the cover was serendipity8777: “Kate’s cover is gorgeous. The best one among all their covers for 2016, IMO. Love the colors.”

HeatherAnne, however, needed some more persuading. “Does anyone seriously care about her in the year 2016? I haven’t been a fan of this magazine since the redesign, I think they messed with a good thing,” she complained.

“I swear that Dior dress looks like it’s suffering from multiple personality disorder. What a pathetic disgrace to haute couture,” slammed an unforgiving GivenchyHomme.

Are you slowly starting to become a fan? Share your own sentiments and check out Kate’s edit here.