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Amy Schumer Sends Up the Classic Pin-Up Pose on Vanity Fair (Forum Buzz)

Vanity Fair isn’t a magazine we typically turn to for groundbreaking covers, as we’re often given celebrities who are no longer with us or reprints of old photos, like last month’s Meryl Streep image from 1988. For May 2016, Vanity Fair joins us in the present day as it welcomes Amy Schumer onto its cover. Photographed by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, Amy poses up a storm wearing a red corset, reminiscent of past covers from Kate Upton and Caitlyn Jenner

Vanity Fair May 2016 : Amy Schumer by Annie Leibovitz


Members of our forums kicked off a debate immediately. “This is horrible in so many ways,” declared HandbagQueen.

“It’s honestly terrbile!” echoed a horrified TREVOFASHIONISTO.

Not everyone was in the same mindset, however. “I like it. They’re clearly making fun at the way women are usually asked to pose,” noted bun-bun, sharing a different attitude toward the cover.

In agreement was Luxx: “This is a send up of all the annoying pin-up photos that we’re given on almost every single men’s magazine cover, it is meant to be a parody – whether or not it works is up to the viewer but I love that they’re mocking this style of photography.”

KateTheGreatest disagreed, firing back, “She looks like she’s smelling her armpit. I don’t care if it’s parody or not, it’s just bad.”

“I really like Amy Schumer and her show, but I can’t take this seriously. It’s like a parody gone wrong,” said dodencebt.

“Adore her and can’t wait to get this,” enthused ThatGuyPaul.

Vanity Fair May 2016 : Amy Schumer by Annie Leibovitz


Do you love or loathe Amy’s Vanity Fair cover? Add your own two cents here.