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Bella Hadid Just Scored Her First Vogue Cover, Starring on Vogue Turkey for May 2016 (Forum Buzz)

Bella Hadid is doing just fine for herself on the magazine front lately, having recently starred on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Spain and receiving rave reviews on our forums. Bella now takes to the cover of Vogue Turkey, a magazine that often falls short on our forums. Sure to garner the magazine some much-needed attention, Bella gets all dolled up in Givenchy for her first Vogue cover, shot on location by Sebastian Faena.


A photo posted by Vogue Türkiye (@vogueturkiye) on

“Old glamour in a cheap way, not my cup of tea,” pointed out an underwhelmed Nymphaea.

“Irina Shayk is it you? I like the jewelry but not the hair. I like the fact that they tried something different with Bella but I’m not convinced. It’s a pretty cover though,” added Aizanara.

Also showing mixed emotions toward the cover was sixtdaily: “It’s her first Vogue cover right? I think it looks OK ! Nothing groundbreaking, but at least it’s not ugly!”

“How is she getting this much print work? That aside, I kind of dig the cover,” confessed dodencebt.

Miss Dalloway fell head over heels and exclaimed, “Gorgeous, possibly her best cover so far, and the best Vogue Turkey has done in a long while.”

“I was waiting for Bella’s first Vogue cover and gorgeous as expected, love it,” TeeVanity commended shortly after.

In agreement was Benn98, declaring, “Quite a stunning shot, which is not surprising because Bella’s print work is mostly very strong. She’s much more impressive than her sister IMO.”

“She looks stunning! Lovely cover,” quickly approved guimon.

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