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Vogue Netherlands Just Produced Its Best Cover Yet With Julia Bergshoeff (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Netherlands missed the opportunity to have a stellar cover last month by ruining a gorgeous shot of Romee Strijd with a rather mediocre layout. This month, however, the mag hits the nail RIGHT on the head with a clean and pure cover featuring Julia Bergshoeff. Making a return to the cover for a third time, Julia was captured wearing a dreamy off-white Chanel dress by Annemarieke van Drimmelen. 

Vogue Netherlands June 2016 : Julia Bergshoeff by Annemarieke van Drimmelen


Our forum members unanimously praised the cover. “Easily their best cover to date,” declared a very affirmative MON the second the cover broke.

Nepenthes agreed, enthusing, “Definitely one of their best covers! Love the serenity of it!”

Vogue Netherlands should definitely stick to using van Drimmelen, she is such a good choice,” approved KateTheGreatest.

In the same frame of mind was Benn98: “The simplicity and neutral tones are beautifully captured here. Van Drimmelen is one of those rare and underrated Dutch gems. Quite possibly her and this magazine’s best cover yet!”

“Beautiful cover. One of their best!!” chimed in justaguy, echoing the same sentiments as everyone else.

“Very good! Simple and clean and it works. Love the dress,” Nymphaea added shortly after.

“Wow I LOVE it! The colors… everything is perfect. So happy for Julia,” admired sixtdaily.

GreyVetiver also showed the magazine praise, commenting, “So glad to see Vogue Netherlands is finally back on the right track!!”

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