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There’s Something Off About Chloë Grace Moretz’s June Cover of Glamour (Forum Buzz)

Chloë Grace Moretz hasn’t had much luck with her recent magazine cover appearances, which our forums have almost universally panned. Is it just bad photography? Bad styling? Glamour is the latest glossy to try its hand at shooting the American actress, tapping Steven Pan to shoot her in a Chloe leather motorcycle jacket for the June 2016 cover. How does her latest rate with our opinionated forum members?

US Glamour June 2016 : Chloe Grace Moretz by Steven Pan


Members of our forums were FAR from impressed to be perfectly frank (as always). “The amount of Photoshop on her face is ridiculous. It’s weird to see her styled as a grown-up, she’s still 13 years old to me,” laughed kokobombon.

Sharing the same sentiments regarding the suspected post-production was Luxx: “There is something odd about the photograph angle that makes her head look pasted onto the body.”

“What is it with this magazine and that horrible dark backdrop?” questioned a disapproving dfl-001 shortly after.

Forum member narcyza didn’t think the cover was season-appropriate, either. “Lifeless and cheap. Everything fits more for fall than summer…” she wrote.

Also not exactly pleased was Miss Dalloway. “Not a fan of this image, it feels like an outtake, and not a cover-worthy shot. Also pretty dark for June!” she pointed out in frustration.

Chloë certainly wasn’t blueorchid‘s first choice for the cover, slamming, “I don’t know why, but something about her just bothers me. I can’t help but think her career won’t be around for much longer.”

“She’s so very overrated in every way,” agreed HeatherAnne.

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