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Kendall Jenner’s New Harper’s Bazaar Cover by Karl Lagerfeld Reminds Us of THAT Instagram (Forum Buzz)

Considering she’s already got a handful of Vogue covers and even a W Korea cover appearance in her ever-growing portfolio, Harper’s Bazaar is just a little late jumping on the Kendall Jenner bandwagon. Taking to the front of Bazaar‘s double June/July 2016 edition, the Estée Lauder ambassador and current face of Calvin Klein, looks comfortable posing on Karl Lagerfeld’s studio floor wearing a white bodysuit from Balmain — and giving us flashbacks to that Instagram photo

US Harper's Bazaar June/July 2016 : Kendall Jenner by Karl Lagerfeld


As usual, Kendall’s presence captured the attention of our forum members. “The huge type has more energy than she does,” laughed an uninterested TREVOFASHIONISTO within seconds of the cover surfacing.

“And this is a top model?” asked a horrified Srdjan, suggesting the cover lacked some serious pizazz.

Also not feeling it was MyNameIs, writing, “She looks plastic. Dead in the eyes. Awkward angle.”

GreyVetiver wasn’t much of an admirer either, disapproving, “Yet another major failure. Has she ever tried to be a legit model? Just give me Anna Ewers then I’ll be happy.”

Although the cover didn’t offend everyone. “Actually for Kendall’s standards this is pretty great!” championed a surprised KissMiss.

“Whoa, this is actually stunning! Possibly the best cover they have done in a long while! Even their ugly text layout works with the image, she looks beautiful, and the makeup is amazing, and in such focus!! Very surprised how well it turned out,” confessed Miss Dalloway, projecting a different attitude toward the cover.

“Well, it could’ve been much worse. Can’t believe Karl shot this, such a strong image. It’s flawless, glossy and luxe, plus I love the angle. Next to GQ, it’s quite possibly her best cover yet,” declared Benn98 in amazement.

US Harper's Bazaar June/July 2016 : Kendall Jenner by Karl Lagerfeld


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