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Emily DiDonato Helps Vogue Ukraine Deliver Its Strongest Cover Yet (Forum Buzz)

There’s no denying Vogue Ukraine has been pulling out all the stops lately and has surely gained our attention with its newfound confidence. Since a new team took the helm back in October 2015, our forums have noticed evident changes in the magazine’s creative direction. Now with the unveiling of the June 2016 issue, photographer Bon Duke delivers a stunning profile shot of Emily DiDonato.

Vogue Ukraine June 2016 : Emily DiDonato by Bon Duke


Forum members were into it straight away. “That profile…*sighs*,” wrote Bobby153.

“Kinda love it! Hair & makeup is amazingly beautiful,” admired justaguy.

Also quick to show the cover some enthusiasm was phungnam96: “Very Vogue Italia-esque with that green masthead. Their best cover so far!”

JesseDillon noticed some similarities too, laughing, “When Vogue Ukraine does a better Vogue Italia than Vogue Italia.”

“This. Right now this magazine is producing stunning and unconventional covers, their art direction is superb,” replied an equally impressed marsnoop2.

“Very nice… a lot of good covers from Vogue Ukraine lately! I love how different this is from what other editions are producing these days, and I love to see Emily!” applauded sixtdaily.

Benn98 was left gobsmacked. “Goodness, I literally gasped when I saw this image! So classically beautiful, and eery at the same time. The smooth flow of the roots of her hair and eyebrows reminds me of stars in motion. By far Emily’s best Vogue cover yet, and I’m fully aware of that magnificent Aussie Vogue cover,” he commended.

“That is not what I expected, either of Emily or of Vogue Ukraine – an interesting cover shot, and a pleasant surprise,” tigerrogue approved.

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