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Anwar Hadid and Cameron Dallas Underwhelm on Teen Vogue’s New Cover (Forum Buzz)

We’ve definitely been dancing to the beat of Teen Vogue‘s drum lately with it’s recent run of diverse covers, though our forums couldn’t be more disappointed with the offering this month. Social media stars Cameron Dallas and Anwar Hadid (watch out Gigi and Bella) take to the cover of the title’s double summer issue, posing together with coiffed hairdos and vacant expressions, while completely lacking personality.

Members of our forums weren’t pleased. “Why are they angry? It had potential. But we ended up with a flat cover. Were they even photographed together or Photoshopped?” questioned MON at once, suggesting some post-production manipulation had went on.

“Are they even cute?” asked Mody, questioning Teen Vogue‘s declaration.

“Surely there are hotter guys out there than these right?! But then again Harry Styles was considered ‘the cute one’ of One Direction, so clearly I don’t know what prepubescent girls are into.” chimed in an uninterested A.D.C.

Sharing the same underwhelming sentiments was DutchHomme, ranting, “Hadid again? Yolanda & Mohammed want their kids to be models so freaking bad.. it’s kinda shocking.”

Benn98 wasn’t much of an admirer either, slamming, “OMG!! They must surely be taking the pi** with this cover. Cameron Dallas? Anwar Hadid isn’t any better either. I suppose it’s gender equality at play. If Kylie Jenner and her ILK can get celebrated for doing nothing, why not the guys? The actual image looks very weak for a June/July cover!” 

“This is a joke. They are not model material,” proclaimed liaa.

Seems as though Teen Vogue just took one giant step backwards in our books. Sound off your own opinion here.