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Iselin Steiro Looks Like a True Supermodel on Vogue Paris’ Stunning Summer Cover (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Paris has been favoring a younger generation of cover stars lately (much to our dismay) with the odd social media personality thrown in for good measure. But it’s our pleasure to see an actual top model on the cover once again. As the magazine unveils its latest offering to see us through June and July, our forums welcome the sight of Iselin Steiro (who has a strong relationship with the magazine and was long overdue a cover). Shot by Mikael Jansson with styling from Anastasia Barbieri, the team took things to the South of France so Iselin could soak up some rays in an all-black outfit looking like the true supermodel she is.

Vogue Paris June/July 2016 : Iselin Steiro by Mikael Jansson


Members of our forums loved it. “What a striking image! I don’t even mind that there’s no eye contact between the cover girl and the reader because everything else is in place. I love the colours and minimal use of text,” immediately approved Srdjan

“This feels like a breath of fresh air to be honest. The past two covers felt like it didn’t happen. Completely forgettable. This, however, is stunning!” said MON.

Sharing the same positive attitude toward the cover was TeeVanity, raving, “It’s a good cover, she’s giving us supermodel realness.”

“What a wonderful surprise to see Iselin on the cover, she works so steadily yet rarely gets major covers,” commended a delighted kokobombon.

Miss Dalloway was also an admirer: “What a BRILLIANT and unexpected model for the cover, god I love her! Such a gorgeous cover image, and cool to see Jansson doing a VP cover!”

“I think it’s quite glorious, smells like the good ol’ days of VP,” applauded Marc10.

Melancholybaby was quick to voice his praise, writing, “Finally, an unexpected model and a photographer who’s created countless stories for the magazine but was never given the chance to shoot the cover. Any minor flaws (like Iselin not looking at the camera) can easily be ignored as this screams lush, summery Vogue Paris.”

Are you in agreement over how fabulous the cover turned out? Add your own two cents here.