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La Perla’s New Creative Director Successfully Switches Up the Campaign for Fall 2016 (Forum Buzz)

Our forums have praised La Perla’s winning formula for five consecutive seasons, with photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott capturing a variety of top models against the same dark grey studio background. For Fall 2016, the luxury Italian lingerie brand’s new creative director Pedro Lourenço has opted to switch up the concept. Still enlisting Mert and Marcus for their photographic expertise, the dull studio look is chucked in favor of a brighter look, with models Valery Kaufman, Sasha Luss and Liu Wen taking over for the likes of Natasha Poly and Noami Campbell.

La Perla F/W 2016.17 : Valery Kaufman, Sasha Luss & Liu Wen by Mert & Marcus


The campaign left the majority of our forum members with mixed feelings, however. “Finally something new. Too bad Valery is quite boring. The second shot (above right) is stunning though and very visually appealing,” commented anlabe32 at once.

“A change!! Thank God. I’m obsessed with the second shot. Perfectly captured. Valery probably has an ounce of Natasha or Naomi’s sex appeal, but she did OK here. Not amazing, just OK,” added Benn98.

Also not exactly jumping for joy was lelaid: “Valery was a poor choice, especially for lingerie!”

Riseup failed to show much enthusiasm too, declaring, “Meeeeeh, next season please.”

“I actually sorta like this, which is probably due to La Perla tapping Pedro Lourenço as creative director. He’s definitely going to shake things up a bit, he’ll likely lean more towards contemporary and lifestyle lingerie than the straight forward approach. So I’m not quite sure if the routine cast of models from past campaigns will work to fit the revamp,” TheoG chimed in.

“Quite good,” approved Creative.

La Perla F/W 2016.17 : Valery Kaufman, Sasha Luss & Liu Wen by Mert & Marcus


Does La Perla’s new campaign do it for you? Think the casting could’ve been a little stronger? Sound off here.