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Sienna Miller’s Gleeful Porter Cover Is Just What We Need for Summer (Forum Buzz)

Porter‘s Editor-in-Chief Lucy Yeomans has been doing an extraordinary job since the magazine’s premiere issue back in 2014. Yeomans teased us via Instagram earlier this week with a sneak peek from behind the scenes and asked us to guess who the mag’s upcoming cover star was. As it turns out, Sienna Miller was chosen for the cover and our forum members have welcomed the sight of the Brit actress with open arms. Starring on Porter‘s Summer Escape issue, Sienna was captured by photographer Cass Bird on the tranquil and tropical island of Mustique. Styled by Alex White in Tom Ford, the cover couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time.

“In perfect mood for this, Porter really is becoming a must buy magazine for me,” raved Miss Dalloway the moment the cover dropped, about to set the tone for comments to come.

“Oh my goodness this is everything. Gorgeous. This is the summer feel that I want, need, and deserve. Wow. The preview itself took me places. Good job,” applauded MON.

Also mesmerized was TeeVanity: “In love with this cover. Sienna looks amazing, love all the blue.”

Forum member honeycombchild was most definitely a fan, exclaiming, “It is indeed a beautiful cover. I love the unexpected angle of it all.”

“This looks glorious!!! Love the pose and the sky as a backdrop. Not really looking forward to another Sienna Miller interview, but I’ll take this!” favored Benn98.

“I couldn’t care less about her but I must agree the cover is gorgeous… she looks wonderful,” confessed KissMiss.

In agreement over how excellent the cover turned out was Sweet rus: “The cover feels so…happy. Sienna looks lovely.”

“Summer LOVE!!!! I am mad about the way she’s almost leaning out towards you. Very inviting and atmospheric,” praised mercyminx.

Await the content of Porter‘s upcoming edition and in the meantime, join the conversation here.