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(Mostly) Rave Reviews for Mia Wasikowska’s Vogue Australia Cover (Forum Buzz)

It feels like only yesterday that our forums were falling head over heels for Kim Kardashian‘s beautifully soft Vogue Australia cover and then in comes the title’s next edition, which was unveiled as prompt as ever over the weekend. Returning to the cover for a second time is Mia Wasikowska, whose last appearance on her native Vogue edition was back in March 2014. This time around, the Alice Through the Looking Glass actress is styled by Kate Darvill in a Prada dress with Aussie Vogue regular Nicole Bentley photographing the fashion-forward shoot.

Vogue Australia July 2016 : Mia Wasikowska by Nicole Bentley


The cover left our forums divided, however. “They always get it right! They really salvage the Vogue brand,” applauded gazebo the second the cover dropped.

Vogue Australia are BY FAR the best creators of Vogue covers in terms of layouts, fonts, interesting cover stars, colors, fashion, photographer. They did once again a stellar job,” echoed an equally impressed Bertrando3.

“Hey, this is fantastic! I’m surprised it’s Mia on the cover; it looks really nice, clean and almost enthusiastic. I like the Prada too,” admired dodencebt shortly after.

Also quick to show their approval was Nomar: “I’m quite liking this. I love Mia and there’s something quite magical/wonderful about the cover.”

But not everyone was so welcoming. “Eek what’s this?” asked a horrified MulletProof. “She’s such a good model… and after her Interview Germany cover and story this is just tragic.”

Miss Dalloway shared the same underwhelming sentiments, writing, “What a bad cover, she could be used so much better, I don’t like anything about this!”

“Another cover that had the potential of being great, but ended up being OK. The hair… It looks so wrong. They should’ve styled it properly. I dislike the over blurred background. It makes it look less real,” MON pointed out in frustration.

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