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Vogue Russia Just Produced Its Best Cover in Months Thanks to Valery Kaufman (Forum Buzz)

Our forums regularly call out Vogue Russia for producing covers with hideous outfits or unknown subjects. On the other hand, our forums give credit where it’s due and the magazine certainly deserves some major snaps for its latest cover. Shot by Sebastian Kim, model Valery Kaufman serves up a beautiful, soft July 2016 cover wearing Chanel — and we are loving it.

“At last, something faultless. Love what she’s wearing. Valery is actually very beautiful. Kudos to Kim for highlighting that,” certified Benn98 immediately.

“I love it, beautiful cover, especially after the disaster of the past months!” pointed out a pleasantly surprised sixtdaily.

In agreement over how fantastic the cover turned out was narcyza, declaring, “It’s a pretty and lovely cover. One of the best this year from Vogue Russia.”

Echoing the same type of attitude was chloesaab: “This is a lovely cover, one of their best in a long time.”

Velasco shared the exact same sentiments, commenting, “Very pretty! Thumbs up!”

Sweet rus was impressed too, writing, “Surprisingly beautiful, delicate and soft cover. I like it a lot.”

“Happy to see them supporting Russian models. No more Karlie Kloss please. Though I find Valery to be quite boring. The cover is typical Vogue Russia but it’s pretty decent,” wrote anlabe32.

“I actually like it. I love how soft it is and how it’s inviting. Probably one of the best they’ve done in a long long while. The earrings though. It feels so heavy for such a relaxing image,” said MON.

Better without the earrings, do you think? There’s no denying this is a solid effort from Russian Vogue. Join the conversation here.