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Oops! Dolce & Gabbana Shows an Armani Handbag in Its Fall 2016 Ad Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Dolce & Gabbana’s viva Italia concept lives on for yet another campaign season with the brand showcasing its interpretation of the ideal Italian family-oriented lifestyle. (Remember the good old days when Steven Klein photographed the label’s high-octane campaigns?) For Fall 2016, D&G ditched the selfie sticks and took things out of the studio to the streets of Naples for its latest advertising campaign. Franco Pagetti captured the likes of Bianca Balti, Leila Goldkuhl and Sasha Kichigina dancing around while causing excitement and delight among the locals who gathered around the shoot. But leave it to our eagle-eyed forum members to spot something VERY out of place in the image.

Dolce & Gabbana F/W 2016.17 by Franco Pagetti


“Armani Jeans and Adidas should write them a thank you note for the free advertising because my eyes went straight to the AJ bag and the sneakers on the right side. Horrendous campaign as usual,” cried out VogueDisciple93 straight away.

“The Armani Jeans bag is stealing the show,” laughed DutchHomme.

Also quick to comment on the blunder was kokobombon: “What were they thinking not Photoshopping the Armani logo out? Now they’re promoting other labels? Dolce & Gabbana campaigns get worse every year!”

“Serves them right!  This reeks of a shoddy style of photography. Can’t believe this is the same fashion house which gave us those wonderful space campaigns. My God, the image looks like a candid, it’s just so subpar. What’s the story here? Did the girls just compete in a dance-off?” replied Benn98 in response.

Scotty wasn’t much of a fan either, discrediting, “Ugh, not again! Why are their campaigns so crowded?”

“Sure it’s the same old formula but this is actually quite cute,” wrote Nomar, shedding some much-needed love on the campaign.

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