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ELLE UK Opts for a Bella Hadid Reprint for the July Cover (Forum Buzz)

There’s no denying that Bella Hadid is on top of the modeling game right now. She just landed her first Vogue cover, was announced as an ambassador for Dior Beauty and was one of the many faces of Givenchy for Fall 2016. Therefore, can we really blame the British edition of ELLE for reprinting its American sister’s cover shoot a month later? U.K. ELLE, however, opted to use a different shot entirely, reusing a close-up image of Bella wearing a denim jacket as she gazes intensely at the lens of photographer Terry Tsiolis. But for a magazine that always commissions its own shoots, Bella’s reprint comes as a slight shock to our forum members.

UK Elle July 2016 : Bella Hadid by Terry Tsiolis


“I’m very surprised they reprinted to be honest. I wonder if it could be a limited cover? And someone else has the main cover? I even questioned if it was the U.K. edition, but it’s definitely all in English and the July issue, so I presume it must be? They haven’t reprinted in a long time have they? Excluding the Beyoncé issue,” informed honeycombchild the moment the cover surfaced.

“They haven’t reprinted in a while actually. It’s not a bad shot, but she’s a model, not a celebrity. Surely they could’ve booked her for the edit,” questioned a stunned Benn98.

Sharing the same attitude was TeeVanity: “That’s crazy that they use a reprint.”

“They should’ve gone with their original [above left]. But still, Bella’s gorgeous so it works,” approved MON.

Also a fan of the outcome was guimon: “I actually like the cover. Her eyes are so beautiful, wow.”

“Surely she would have gladly sat for a cover for them? It must just be a cost saving exercise for an issue that generally never sells that well. Strange,” said honeycombchild, returning to the thread.

Miss Dalloway agreed, replying, “Exactly, I bet she would be more than happy to do their cover, this is such a letdown they would use a reprint!”

Who do you think did it better? The Americans or the English? Sound off with your opinion here.