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Amy Schumer Makes Her Debut on Vogue’s July Cover (Forum Buzz)

Each month our forums endlessly debate who might turn up on the cover of Vogue. The usual names always arise, but we’re pleasantly surprised to see Amy Schumer as Vogue‘s cover star for July 2016. Following her Vanity Fair appearance just two months ago, the comedy queen was once again shot by Annie Leibovitz, on location at New York City’s Central Park. Similar to Katy Perry‘s 2013 cover, Amy poses nonchalantly on the grass, decked out in a figure-hugging Dolce & Gabbana dress selected by the magazine’s very own Tonne Goodman.

US Vogue July 2016 : Amy Schumer by Annie Leibovitz


Per usual, the real question remains: were our forum members impressed? “For crying out loud, this can’t be the best cover shot they had! Her face looks especially unflattering here!” cried out a disapproving Miss Dalloway the moment the cover dropped.

“She is way more lively than this Vogue! What an uncomfortable angle,” agreed a disgruntled jeffandtheworld.

Also not exactly feeling it was MON, exclaiming, “This feels like a redo of Katy Perry’s cover: the red dress and green background. I wanted a fun cover, I wanted to see her smile with her hair wind blown and a blurry city background. But we get this. It’s a decent cover, but it screams CHRISTMAS!”

Dodencebt wasn’t much of a fan either. “The main problem I have with it, aside from the fact that it doesn’t look very good, is that it’s clearly an autumn spread meant to be published in August or September. I think it was a rushed decision to release it in July.”

“U.S. Vogue has been on a role with amazing covers all year and they just ruined it with this Amy cover!” declared RanThe.

US Vogue July 2016 : Amy Schumer by Annie Leibovitz


Not much positivity flowing in the thread just yet. Add your own two cents and see more from Amy’s cover shoot here.